Thursday, November 5, 2015

November Update

Hi Everyone!

It's that time again! Here's what's happening in our neck of the woods:

LM Preston

Deviant Storm is touring! Click here for details.

Cheri Lasota

Echoes in the Glass is currently FREE

Elana Johnson (as Liz Isaacson)

Second Chance Ranch is currently $.99!

Alicia Kat Vancil

Bride of the Harvest Wolf Episode Two is now available!
Episode One is also available in print!

Leigh Talbert Moore

The Truth About Faking has a new cover and is On Sale!

RaShelle Workman

The Blood and Snow omnibus is available for a limited time!

Karen Amanda Hooper

Virtual Arcana has a new look and is now available in hardcover!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

LM Preston's on the Move with Deviant Storm

She's touring and spreading the word about Deviant Storm

Book 2 Purgatory Reign Series

The battle is on. Peter Saints thought he'd killed It. But bad people never stay down. Now the jail of his enemy is weakening. Luck is running out for Peter and the girl he saved by wagering the Earth. Only now, with each second and secret revealed, his enemy gains the answers to destroy Peter and devour the world.

Get on the LM Preston Tour Train below:

Monday, October 5, 2015

October Update

Here's what's new from the Indelibles....

Elana Johnson (as Liz Isaacson)

Third Time's the Charm is available for Pre-order!


Cindy Hogan


Magan Vernon

Elle Strauss

Saturday, September 5, 2015

September Update!

Hey Guys!

Lots of news for you this month, including some Hot New Releases!

First, a huge CONGRATS to  

Christine Fonseca

Collide is a 2015 Kindle Book Awards Finalist!


Susan Kaye Quinn

Dark Beyond the Stars Anthology—On Sale Now!
Hot New Release! The Duality Bridge (Singularity #2)

Cindy Hogan

Hot New Release! Kate Unmasked

Cheri Lasota
(under pen name Tristan James)

Hot New Release! Paradisi Escape (Paradisi Exodus Book 1)

Elle Strauss

Hot New Release! Counter Clockwise

Laura Pauling

Hot New Release! Frosted on the Ferris Wheel

 Elana Johnson
(under pen name Liz Isaacson)

Coming Soon! Second Chance Ranch

Karen Amanda Hooper

Announcement: The Fighting for Infinity cover gets a facelift!
Don't forget that the first book in this series

Magan Vernon

Announcement: The entire My Alien Romance series gets new cover and title treatment! 


Don't forget that the first book in this series is free!

Katie Klein

Sale! Cross My Heart is $.99 on Amazon for a limited time!

Go ahead and load those devices up! 

Happy September!

Friday, August 7, 2015

August Update

Well, it looks like summer's wrapping up! *sobs* It's pretty quiet this month in terms of news, but safe to say we're all working on that "next big thing." In the meantime, a bit of news on the "new release" front:

From Laura Pauling:

 Holly has a plan to escape the rigid confines of her life her parents have planned for her. She wants to open up a cheesecake shop and live peacefully in a small town. But when her Aunt Lizzie is murdered, Holly's plans are ruined because her aunt was funding her escape.

Out of grief and love and determined to solve the mystery of her aunt's murder, with the help of Muffins, her dog, and her childhood best friend, Teddy, she embarks on a trail of clues that will lead to family secrets she's not sure she ever wanted to know. Especially when the killer notices and she becomes the next target.

Also: Stacey Wallace Benefiel and Magan Vernon both have novels in the Unconditional Anthology! Out August 26th. Sign up to be a part of the blitz here:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Update!

Hi Everyone!

Here's what's happening with the Indelibles....

An anthology featuring Magan Vernon and benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project

Only available July 1st - October 1st.


Save the world and protect mankind.

But what’s beneath the cape? Behind the mask? Under the steel-plated façade?

Eight bestselling New Adult romance authors have come together to bring you seven stories about superheroes and what it takes to win their hearts. From the skies, to the cities, to the ocean, our superheroes face death, fight villains, conquer evil and—

Find love.

The world is full of heroes. Every-day men and women who risk their lives for the sake of others—for life, liberty, freedom, and justice. Often these men and women are wounded—physically or mentally—in the line of duty. Therefore, we have created this anthology with the sole purpose of benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project.

Because heroes should never be forgotten.

From Magan Vernon

"The Only Difference"
The Only Difference between a hero and a villain is what they do with their power.
Leonel "Short Stack" Garcia-Shapiro's life changed the night he decided to stop one of his fraternity brothers from taking advantage of a girl. Now he can't stop thinking of that girl and how he can save her.

From Alicia Kat Vancil

Longing can be a very dangerous thing.

Reckless wild-child Sienna Kendrick has longed for one thing since she was thirteen—the attention of Thomas Zurent, the dashingly handsome son of the town’s wealthiest founding family. And on the night of the New Grand Cycle festival when this plucky weaver’s daughter turns seventeen she gets exactly what she desires. But is Thomas’ attention truly what Sienna wants? Or is she concealing a yearning within her heart for something darker—something taboo—something forbidden?
The hour has come, the clock has struck fourteen, and per ancient accord, the thirty-sixth bride of the Harvest Wolf is about to be selected. But will she be his beloved…or his dinner?

From RaShelle Workman

Lucky Clover Green is goal-oriented, despite her hippy parents. She has plans for her life and knows how to make them happen. There’s even a list to prove it. 

1. Graduate from prestigious law school. Check.
2. Find an apartment in New York. Check.
3. Get engaged to the man of her dreams. Check.
4. Become partner at a law firm. Ch—Well, she’s still working on that. First she needs a job.
On impulse, she goes to a club with her roommate and meets the lead singer of the band, Toxic Suspects. His name is Maxwell Legend. He’s hot, gorgeous, and soooooo doesn’t fit into her plans.
And then her fiancé is murdered.

Turns out Lucky might not be so lucky... 

Also from RaShelle Workman

Nineteen-year-old detective Rose Hansen has a secret. She can read a person’s intentions by touching their hands. It’s a curse! A power she never uses if she can help it.
Only one person knows. Her partner Jack.

At least that’s what she believes until a handsome, shirtless stranger appears on her doorstep in small town Blush Valley, California. He leaves her an envelope, but not before articulating his disappointment in her for ignoring her powers. The contents send Rose on a path toward the supernatural, solving her parents’ murders, and possibly even saving the world.

Aside from that, Rose and her partner have two important cases they’re working. The first involves a missing child. The other is the death of a stripper. Ruled a murder, a very hot FBI agent from L.A. shows up and is given lead. To make matters worse, he asks her to go undercover.
Her life is a disaster. Rose can’t strip. She doesn’t even own a dress.

Coming Soon from S. R. Johannes

The Nature of Grace (Untraceable, Uncontrollable, and Unstoppable) box set

Stay Tuned!

And for the Writer/Creator in You

a Recommended Read from Katie Klein